Ava Accel

Commercialisation of the Entrepreneuril ideas

AVAaccel is specialized in the creation and development of new start-ups in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and innovative ideas in the broader scope of ICT. It is essentially a corporate accelerator under the management of professionals in business and technology. It covers both incubation and acceleration processes. The accelerator holds events from idea development to product delivery including the entrepreneur’s personal growth, idea creation, idea development, coworker attraction and team building, investment attraction, and commercialization of products or services.

AVAaccel helps companies to create start-ups for expanding their business scope and supports them to grow and merge with or be acquired by their parent company.

Also, similar to the conventional accelerators, it supports new ideas emanating from start-ups. Another mission of the accelerator is to match potential individuals, with no independent idea of their own, with the existing teams in the acceleration process. We realized that capable people, due to a variety of reasons such as an insufficient network or lack of information about the market, were not able to realize their entrepreneurial capacities.

The primary distinction of AVAaccel compared to the traditional business accelerators is the methodology of attraction and empowerment of talents. In this process, the accelerator determines the key business areas for acceleration, which is discoursed with the start-up teams and the other stakeholders to validate the start-up’s scope of activity. It focuses on disruptive technologies for renewing businesses and engages successful entrepreneurs in the acceleration period. Accordingly, our incubation period extends to 6 months and acceleration period can be extended up to 18 months in order to meet quality infrastructure and market share.


Our vision for international cooperation:

  • Investment: There can be investment exchange between AVAaccel’s and your organization’s start-ups.
  • Joint ventures with our accelerator or start-ups: We welcome any chance of joint- venture in start-up or accelerator level.
  • Mutual access to mentors: We would appreciate the chance of enhancing our portfolio of mentors through an online In return, we will provide access to key mentors in Iran’s start-up ecosystem.


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Why business acceleration in Iran?

There are certain advantages for business accelerators to work in the Iranian business ecosystem including:

  • Markets are not saturated: There are many businesses in Iran which are just beginning to appear in the market. This is when it has been already expanded in developed economies for a long time. On the other hand, the market size is adequate and relatively easy to enter, however, the business adjustment is crucial.
  • Many talents do not have suitable jobs: What makes accelerators potent here is the lack of efficient networks where people’s abilities could be matched with market needs; therefore, there are many talented individuals who do not have a proper job. Along with the unemployment, the price for which they work is low, making accelerators This is where AVAaccel tends to spot these people and effectively employ them to solve problems in the market according to their abilities.
  • The Iranian Rial is weak: The Iranian Rial has plummeted in its value, and foreign currencies are capable of creating businesses that otherwise were not been able to launch in the base country with the same amount of investment.
  • Domestic and international investors are confused where to invest: Many investors get involved with businesses that are not within their domain of expertise. AVAaccel not only advises investing companies and individual investors but also accelerate their businesses through qualified start-ups to make their investment fruitful.
  • Tax exemptions: Our start-ups are qualified as knowledge-based companies that according to the law they will be exempted from tax.